This series is about moving beyond visualization, to begin consciously moving energy. By becoming consciously aware of how our ethereal muscles operate, we can get real-time feedback, reason about improvements, and guide them through new techniques. We covered why in the intro.

This post covers the first step: Moving from visualizations focused on your intent to visualizations focused on the specific movements of energy. It’s a late-beginner skill, for when you’re comfortable building, moving, and sensing energy, having success with the energy games, and ready to learn sensory connections.

Visualizing specific movements of energy

There are two approaches to visualization.

The simpler approach is to focus on your intent, and let your unconscious figure out how to act on that intent. That’s where most people start, and we discussed the limitations in the intro (lack of feedback, relying on your unconscious knowing how to implement your intent).

Long-term, my answer was to make my ethereal muscles conscious. (Ethereal muscles are the parts of the mind that move energy.)

But short-term, there’s an intermediate step. It’s an intermediate approach to visualization, focused on the mechanism rather than the intent.

We discussed this a few weeks ago, on the intermediate visualization for quieting energy. I walked you through creating a step-by-step visualization to guide your ethereal muscles through the process. That’s what we’re after.

Step-by-step visualization is a meta-skill. It’s not one specific technique, but rather a broad skill you can apply to many techniques. I can’t walk you through learning it, but I can sketch it out:

Pick an energy skill you want to improve. Explore it’s mechanisms, how it works step by step, either by reasoning about it yourself or by reading up on it. (I post about this sometimes, and if you ask I’ll usually do a post.)

Then create a visualization for each simple step. Try to make the visualizations simple and direct, and incorporate the location into the visualization.

What’s the location? If I’m quieting the energy in my hand, I might start by visualizing my hand, then visualize the connections forming within my hand, then visualize the energy in my hand quieting. My hand is the location.

This is part of guiding your ethereal muscles in what to do. You’re specifying where to do it, which becomes important later when you’re working in multiple locations with different energies.

These step-by-step visualizations are something to practice over several months. Improve several techniques with them. Get to the point where you feel comfortable creating and using them. Then go on to the next step, guiding energy by feel, which I’ll cover next post.

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