Imagine you’re reaching for a delicate sculpture. You look at the sculpture. You’re also aware of your arm extending and how tense your hand is. As your fingers make contact, you feel the touch, careful to keep the pressure light and even. As you lift the sculpture, each finger’s pressure adjusts based on the angle, weight, and momentum.

It’s that feedback, from your eyes and skin and proprioception, that lets you gently touch the sculpture without damaging it. You adjust many times a second as you perform this task, using the real-time feedback to do it.

That’s the reason to move beyond visualization: The real-time feedback and adjusting.

With visualization, you focus on your intent. The goal is to communicate your intent to your unconscious. The communication all happens in one direction, from your conscious to your unconscious.

This leaves all the adjustments to the unconscious. Will it adjust correctly? Maybe, maybe not.

Think about reaching for that same delicate sculpture, except this time you’re distracted. Or blindfolded. Or your hand is numb. Could you pick it up without breaking it? Maybe, maybe not. The odds are worse, that’s for sure.

For me, my unconscious can adjust some, but far less than I do consciously.

But there’s more. Beyond adjusting how I use energy, there’s also new techniques. This is tricky to explain, because a new technique isn’t like a new visualization, so if someone only does visualization, there’s no equivalent to what I mean by “new techniques.”

Here’s what I mean by new technique: Take the ways your ethereal muscles know to move energy. Maybe they can make a connection to send energy, they can feel energy, they can quiet your energy to feel energy better, and so on. Understand those motions, think about how they work, and then combine them into something new, something your ethereal muscles don’t intuitively know how to do. For example, those capabilities above are the basis for sensory connections.

And those techniques build on each other. Sensory connections lead to a deeper understanding of energy, which leads to awakening more ethereal muscles, which leads to clearer communication, which opens up possibilities with ethereal software and ethereal beings, and so on. The things I’m doing now, I wasn’t even able to think about 10 years ago.

The first step to all of that is moving beyond visualization, which is all about getting your conscious mind in the loop.

By becoming consciously aware of how our ethereal muscles are moving energy, we can analyze what they do, reason about improvements, and guide them through new techniques.

This series is about moving beyond visualization and becoming consciously aware of your ethereal muscles.

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