Speaking with an ethics professor and psychic, we had a new insight into collaborating with ethereal beings.

Before I can get to the new insight, I need to share the old insight I shared with her:

Like with any helpful person, there are things ethereal beings want for you, and things they want for themselves.


For example, a professor might want to help dedicated students learn and grow, but also want to publish research and get tenure. If you do the reading to show you’re dedicated, they’ll answer your questions. But if you come to them with a draft research paper, and ask for help finishing it up so you can co-author it with them, you’ll get a lot more attention.

I’ve worked with the same group of ethereal beings for around 20 years. They want to help people learn energy, but they also want to advance their own understanding of energy.

At first, all I could do was demonstrate my dedication by practicing the exercises they gave me. I would ask a question, they’d give me some guidance and an exercise, and I’d come back the next week with another question. Very helpful, but limited.

(It’s similar with making offerings to spirits: It shows dedication, but the spirit doesn’t really benefit from the food or money placed on the altar.)

Around 10 years ago, I’d learned enough that I could contribute my own occasional insights. The first was for psychic intuitions, where the ethereal software needs to plan a sequence of decisions for a good outcome. There’s a computer algorithm used for planning chess moves that I thought might be more effective. It was a total failure, but it led to some interesting questions and insights among my ethereal being trainers.

That, and ideas like it, got me known for asking excellent questions that led the teacher to new insights, and more ethereal beings wanted to train me. They began answering my questions more fully, volunteering information instead of waiting for me to explicitly ask. They helped me figure out solutions, instead of giving me a tip and leaving me to practice.

More recently, as I’ve developed my skills more and can truly contribute to developing new techniques, they’ve collaborated with me for hours in developing novel healing techniques.

This shift in their collaborativeness was really a shift in me. At first, I was only able to demonstrate my dedication, and they helped a bit. But the more I was able to help them advance their own goals (of understanding energy better), the more effort they put into the relationship. Just like a human mentor.

But there’s a limitation to that approach: It was really difficult to develop the technical skills that let me contribute to their understanding of energy. So it’s not useful advice for most people.

I shared all this with the ethics professor. She thought about how she could contribute to the ethereal beings she works with.

At first, she thought about things she wished they understood about human ethics. But that’s not the answer, it has to be things they want to learn, not things you want to teach.

Then she hit on an idea: Decision making. The ethereal beings she works with seem to make decisions collaboratively. And there’s a lot of research on collaborative decision making processes, what to do when you need a fast decision and don’t have time for unanimous agreement, and so on. Maybe some of that would be useful to her ethereal beings?

I’ll post a follow-up after she tries it, if anything interesting happens. But I also wanted to share this insight:

When you offer knowledge to help ethereal beings achieve their own goals, it doesn’t have to be an energy technique. Many areas of human knowledge can support ethereal beings, if you’re creative about what you teach.

If you try it, please let us know how it goes.

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