A client asked how energy healing works. She’s getting great results, has dabbled in energy herself, and she’s genuinely curious.

Here’s my best understanding. It’s the basis of most of the healing techniques I’ve developed. I don’t want to present this as the definitive answer – as energy healing moves into being a modern science, we’ll develop better understandings that correct or replace this. But it’s been successful so far.

Each tissue has an energy signature, or type of energy. You can think of it like a color, or a radio wave.

Broadly, this signature has two parts. One part seems to correspond to the type of tissue, like tendon or cartilage or nerve. The other part seems to correspond to the state of that tissue, like healthy or inflamed.

Through experience, I’ve learned to recognize the energy produced by different tissues. I worked with a nurse and an anatomy text to connect to different types of tissue, understand what tissue I was connecting to, and over time learn how the energy felt. This lets me map out the energy in the body, to better understand what healing techniques to use.

The other part of the energy signature seems to correspond to the state of the cells. I think it as corresponding to different cellular processes. Inflammation is a cellular process. (Many cellular processes, in fact.) Cell division, to grow healthy new cells, is a cellular process. When nerves signal pain, that’s a cellular process too.

Basically, everything the body does is a cellular process.

When I do energy healing, I’m targeting specific tissue based on the first part of the energy signature, and boosting or suppressing the second part of the energy signature. The goal is to boost or suppress the corresponding cellular processes.

For example, with an inflamed tendon, I suppress the energy signatures I associate with inflammation, and boost the energy signatures I associate with growing new cells. The goal is to reduce inflammation and increase healing.

How do I know which signatures correspond to which cellular processes? Through observation and inference.

By reading the energy of many healthy tendons, and reading the energy of many inflamed tendons, I’ve developed a sense of the differences, and that guides me in which energy signatures to suppress.

Through the years, I’ve done this for many tissues in many different states. The energy of inflamed tissue looks similar across most types of tissue. The energy of nerves signaling pain looks similar to the energy of nerves signaling itch, though interestingly, the energy signature of itch nerves is much larger. I have no idea why, or what that means, but it impacts how I set up the healing energy.

This understanding, of energy signatures corresponding to cellular processes, lets me start to draw from modern medicine. By understanding the physiological basis of a condition, I can think about which tissues to focus on, what changes we would like to see in those tissues, and then start looking for the energy signatures that might correspond to those cellular processes. It gives me a starting point for developing new techniques, with many successes over the years. That’s why I keep using it.

I might do a follow-on post on ways I make the healing energy stronger. If you’d like that, please let me know.

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