There are two approaches to visualization.

The simpler approach is to focus on your intent, and let your unconscious figure out how to act on that intent. For quieting energy, that’s the visualization I gave previously, where we represent stability and steadiness in your energy visualization, like a placid lake, or the movement of the energy slowing down. Those represent your intent, to have energy that’s steady and stable.

But focusing on intent has a weakness: Your unconscious needs to know how to act on that intent. Somewhere in your mind, there has to be the steps to implement that intent. If your unconscious doesn’t know how to quiet your energy, then no matter how clearly you communicate your intent, your unconscious won’t be able to quiet your energy.

(Specifically, your ethereal muscles, the parts of the mind that guide energy, need to know how to achieve your intent.)

In exploring energy and developing new techniques, I’ve run into this countless times, where I wanted to do something that my unconscious didn’t know how to do, or where I thought of a better way to achieve that intent and I had to guide my unconscious in how to do it. This led me to eventually abandon visualization, make my ethereal muscles conscious, and guide them through each technique until those movements of energy became natural and automatic.

But before making my ethereal muscles conscious, I first developed an intermediate approach to visualization, focused on the mechanism rather than the intent.

If quieting your energy doesn’t seem to work, this mechanism-based visualization will help. And even if quieting your energy is working, this mechanism-based visualization will help you make your energy even more quiet, to notice even more details about your client’s energy.

First, we need to understand what happens when we quiet our energy.

The Mechanisms of Quiet Energy

When energy becomes quiet, what actually happens? Or more precisely, to effectively quiet energy, what do we want to happen?

Let’s say I’m quieting the energy of my hand. First, recognize that my hand doesn’t have just one energy signature. It has many, for the bones and tendons and nerves and everything else. We’ll need to smooth all that out, give my hand a single energy signature, and make that signature steady.

(Energy signature is the type of energy. You may also hear it referred to as the color, texture, flavor, or element.)

To give my hand a single stable signature, I create a bunch of energy connections throughout my hand. These connections gently nudge my hand’s energy into the desired signature, then gently hold it steady.

“Gently” is the key. Quiet energy is responsive – the whole point is to feel the change in your energy caused by the other person’s energy. If your energy is firm and stiff, it won’t be able to change, and you won’t sense anything. The key is to very gently hold it steady, so it doesn’t change on its own, but the gentlest of nudges from the outside can still change it easily. Keep that in mind as we explore this intermediate visualization.


Creating that Intermediate Visualization

Guide your mind through the process, step by step.

First, visualize the energy of your hand. Don’t just imagine a hand, try to connect it with your hand. Bring your awareness to your hand, visualize the energy there, try to feel it all the way to the tips of your fingers.

Then, visualize a network of connections forming in your hand, starting at the wrist and extending out through the palm to the fingers, covering every bit of your hand. You can represent the connections any way that feels natural to you. Take some time (a minute or a few minutes, depending on your experience, you can trust your intuition at first and then experiment with different amounts of time and see how it feels and works.) Let your ethereal muscles form those connections.

Once those connections are in place, now visualize the energy of your hand quieting, using the intent-based visualization from earlier. Your ethereal muscles should know to use those connections to quiet your energy.

Quieting All Your Energy

When I quiet the energy in my hand for a healing session, I consciously create the network of connections. (Or engage the network of connections that I’ve previously set up as permanent connections.)

Same with the energy in my head when I’m communicating with ethereal software or ethereal beings, I create a network of connections to quiet the energy.

But if I’m quieting the energy throughout my body, I don’t create that network of connections. I just feel the energy in my chest and stomach and arms and everywhere else, and I focus on my intent to quiet it. My ethereal muscles know what to do.


Specifically, my ethereal muscles use connections that are already in my body to quiet my energy as well as they can. It’s less effective: My energy doesn’t become as completely quiet as when I create the network of connections. But it’s much faster.

Which is to say, don’t feel like you always have to do this complete, step by step visualization. It’s a tool, but not the only tool.

If you were previously unsuccessful in quieting your energy, practice the step by step visualization a few times (or a few dozen times). Let your ethereal muscles learn to quiet your energy as you guide them through the process. Then, once they’ve learned those movements of energy, you can focus on your intent, and your ethereal muscles will know what to do.

Next, we’ll cover ways that this step-by-step visualization lets us quiet energy even more effectively.

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