There’s no one way to visualize energy. Similarly, there’s no one way to visualize quiet energy. The key is to create a visualization that communicates your intent to your unique unconscious.

We’ll focus on understanding that intent: What quiet energy is, what it isn’t, and some tips that have helped students.

Quiet energy is steady, smooth, and calm. It’s flexible and responsive, not rigid or tense. It can move, but slowly and gently. It’s relaxed – think about allowing your energy to become quiet, rather than forcing it to become completely stationary. Above all, quiet energy listens and responds.

When you quiet your energy, you don’t eliminate or expel it, just hold it steady. Think of a placid lake, full of water but wave-less and smooth. Or think about how you can make your breath slow and silent to listen for the faintest of sounds, perhaps pausing your breathing briefly, but not tensely holding your breath.

Remember, our goal is to hold your energy steady, not your body or mind. You can have quiet energy while moving or speaking, and you can have non-quiet energy while sitting still or meditating.

To create a visualization for quiet energy, go back to your energy visualization. Think about what would happen in that visualization if your energy became silent and steady. Maybe the image slows down or pauses. Maybe the movements become smaller. Maybe the edges become soft. Maybe something else.

Think about how the sensations and sounds might change. Would they become fainter? Slower? Totally different?

If you prefer, instead of modifying your previous visualization, you can create a new one to communicate quiet and stillness to your unconscious. For example, one of my students visualizes a deep smooth river, still moving but not interrupted, no rapids or waterfalls. Another visualizes sand and sediment sinking to the bottom of her hands.

Using the Visualization to Quiet Your Energy

Start by engaging your energy. For now, start by building some energy throughout your body using the earlier visualization. This will also give you enough energy that you’ll notice when it becomes quiet. (Later, we’ll cover other ways to engage your energy.)

Once you’ve built some energy, bring your awareness to your stomach. Using your new “quiet energy” visualization, imagine that energy becoming quiet. Notice how it feels to make your energy quiet in your stomach.

Then bring your awareness to your head, your arms, and other areas of your body, one at a time. For each area, use your visualization to quiet your energy there. Again, notice how it feels to quiet your energy in each area.

Take a few breaths to notice how it feels to have your energy quiet throughout your body, then let it move and become loud again.

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