Releasing the energy

When you’re done with energy, you can release it.

Despite warnings from many teachers, releasing energy is optional. Based on testing, it’s usually fine to keep the energy you build in your body. Occasionally, depending on the particulars of the energy you built, holding excess energy can lead to a headache, difficulty focusing, or just feeling off. But most of my students like the feeling of energy and retain the energy after practicing, only releasing it on the rare occasions when they have those side effects. Feel free to test on your own.

When you want to release the energy, use the same visualization you used to build the energy, just in reverse: Visualize the energy going down into the earth (often called “grounding”), up into the sky, fading inside your body, or otherwise leaving. Whatever feels most natural to you.

You’ll know you’re done when the feeling of energy in your body subsides. If you’re not sure, just trust your intuition. This is an optional step, so if you don’t completely release the energy, that’s OK.

What if you decide to hold on to the energy, or just forget to release it, and you develop a headache, difficulty focusing, or just feel off?

Simple: Just release the energy and you should recover quickly. Use the steps described above.

(Note that those symptoms also have many non-energy-related causes. Releasing energy won’t help if your headache is due to dehydration. Make sure you’ve had enough water and food, and are otherwise taking care of yourself.)

Very rarely, releasing the energy won’t be enough, and you still won’t feel quite right. For those situations, here’s a more powerful way to reset your energy:

  • Build some new energy using the visualization you created earlier.
  • Move the new energy through your body, including your head, to flush the old energy out.
  • Release the energy from every part of your body.

This will flush out the old energy and return your energy to its normal state. Learn more here.

Congratulations! You now have all the tools you need to start exploring energy.

(And one more note for anyone new to energy: Pay attention to how energy feels as you work with it, especially when you receive energy from experienced practitioners. It might feel different than you had guessed when creating your visualization. If it does, update your visualization to match how energy actually feels, and you’ll likely experience better results.)

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