Building energy

To build energy, visualize the energy in your body. Most people do this by first visualizing one sense (tactile, visual, or auditory), then adding the second, then the third. If you know your dominant sense, start with that one. If not, just pick any sense.

Some people visualize the energy coming up from the earth, or down from the sky. Some visualize breathing it in from the air around them. Some visualize it emerging from within their body. Some experience it building in waves, while others experience it smoothly building. There’s no one right way to do it.

Some people associate different meanings with those different sources and sensations — you can do that if you want, but you don’t have to. Your energy visualization communicates your intent to your unconscious mind. Visualize the energy coming from wherever feels most natural to you. You can always revise it later.

Take a minute now to visualize energy building in your chest and stomach. Imagine the feelings of energy in your body, and the images and sounds you selected in the previous section. The visualization can be first-person, imagining the energy in and around you, or it can be third-person, as though you were looking at yourself. Take a few breaths to notice how it feels.

If you can’t express the visualization in words, that’s fine, just imagine the sensations, images, and sounds.

Moving energy

To move energy in your body, visualize the energy moving to the new location. Imagine the images, sensations, and sounds moving to the new location. Focus on where the energy is going, not where it used to be.

Try it. Visualize some of the energy moving from your chest up to your head. Take a few breaths to move it, then another few to notice how it feels.

If it feels like a rush or headache, you have too much energy in your head. If that happens, use your visualization to move some of the energy out of your head and back into your chest.

Once you’ve felt the energy in your head, move it back down into your chest, then into your shoulders, slowly down your arms, and into your hands. Pause and notice how that feels.

Place your hands on your legs, and visualize the energy moving from your hands into your legs and back up to your torso, making a loop. (If you’re new to energy, it may take some practice to create and maintain this loop.)

Take a few breaths to feel the energy flowing.

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