A friend’s energy visualization wasn’t working.

I had sent her some energy so she could learn how energy feels to her. It felt like heat, she said. So I have her create a visualization to represent heat.

She chose a warm red smoke. But it wasn’t working.

There’s no one right visualization. The purpose of visualization is to communicate your intent to your unconscious, so it’s key to use the same symbolic language your unconscious uses. If energy feels like heat to you, it’s important to represent energy as heat in your visualization.

There’s also no single correct heat visualization. Different symbols will speak to different people, so one person might visualize a red glow, another fire. There’s no one right answer.

But that doesn’t mean all answers are equally good. There’s a skill in finding a good visualization for you.

“What does smoke represent to you?”

This is the key question. Within the visualization will be many symbols. Go through each, ask what each means to you. Find any that aren’t aligned to what you’re trying to do, and consider how to change them.

Maybe smoke represents heat, but it also represents danger, or coughing and discomfort. Maybe it’s bringing up some associations or triggers that are getting you in the wrong mindset for working with energy. Sit with the symbol, see what comes up, and consider what symbol might represent that sensation of heat (or tingling or presence) and be more aligned to working with energy.

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