Imagine you want to read a client’s energy. That’s how I start every healing session.

To do that, I quiet my energy and extend my awareness beyond my fingers, to the edge of my energy body. But first, I have to engage my energy.

My beginning students often engage their energy by building energy. But there’s a problem: Excess energy in your body makes it harder to quiet your energy, and harder to distinguish the client’s energy from your own.

Instead, I teach a technique to engage your energy without building energy. It’s something every experienced practitioner knows how to do, but I’ve never seen anyone else teach it to beginners.

I call the technique mental posture.

A mental posture is just a way of engaging your mind on a task.

Think about how your mind feels when you relax, and how different it feels when you’re doing focused work, and how different that feels from when you’re painting, dancing, or doing something else creative. Your mind feels different when it’s engaged in each of those tasks, so we say that each task has a different mental posture.

There’s also a mental posture for working with energy, where you’re engaging the parts of your mind that build and guide energy. That’s the mental posture I teach my students.

As I’ve learned more, I’ve realized there are many mental postures for energy. There’s one for reading a client’s energy, another for communicating with ethereal software, another for doing consciousness integration. And there are also mental postures where I’m more fully engaging my ethereal muscles, and mental postures where I’m partially engaging them – my goal is usually to engage my ethereal muscles fully, and when I don’t that’s generally an error.

Next week, I’ll go over how to learn the beginner version of mental posture.

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