To sense energy, my own energy needs to be quiet. Like an orchestra quieting down to let you hear a soloist, quieting my own energy lets me sense the energy of a client, or whatever I’m working with.

Quieting energy is one of the first techniques I teach. But I’m still improving my techniques for quieting my energy. Like many skills, there are beginner versions and advanced versions. This post is about an improvement to the advanced version that I figured out recently.

We’ve talked before about the advanced version of quieting energy. How, instead of just intending my energy to be quiet, I create a network of connections that can gently hold my energy steady.

Except, it isn’t just holding my energy steady. My hand has a lot of different energy signatures in it, for the bone and tendon and muscle and nerve and everything else, and for any areas that are inflamed or bruised or some other state. When I quiet my hand, I’m not just holding the energy steady. I’m also evening the energy out, setting a single signature for the whole hand, usually an average of all of its signatures.

It turns out, by default, I’m setting that average energy signature quite strongly. So strongly it is drowning out a little bit of the client’s energy, or whatever energy I’m trying to read.

I found this out talking with the ethereal beings on my healing team. I was quieting the energy of my brain to make it easier to read their messages. But when I would send them a message, they would get interference from the average quieting signature. I had to back off, only gently quiet my brain, to keep there from being too much of the average quieting energy.

But when I ease up on that average energy, only applying it very gently, my energy never really quiets down. It never gets to that average steady place that’s best for reading a client’s energy.

The answer: Start by strongly setting that average quieting energy. Get my energy to that average steady state. Then back off. Once my energy is quiet, I can be very gentle in holding it quiet. But I need to strongly quiet it first.

This has been working great for communication, and also for reading energy with sensory connections. I’ll share some of those improvements coming up.

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