When you feel energy, what are you actually feeling?

Let’s start with a simpler analogy: Temperature.

First, let’s do a test. Find something metal, like a doorknob in your house. And find something wood or plastic, maybe a door or a wall. Touch both of them. Which feels colder?

Here’s the thing: The metal isn’t actually colder. They’re both the same temperature, whatever temperature your house is. If you don’t believe me, try some objects in your fridge, comparing liquid to plastic.

So they’re the same temperature, but the metal feels colder. What’s going on?

When an object feels cold, what we’re actually sensing is the temperature of our skin decreasing. We don’t sense absolute temperature, we sense how much that cold object affects our skin.

Metal absorbs heat much better than wood or plastic, so it absorbs more heat from our skin and feels colder. The term for this is specific heat.

With energy, what we’re actually sensing is the signature of our energy body changing.

Energy with a signature similar to our own won’t change our energy body much. Like the wood or plastic, we won’t feel the energy even though it’s there.

Energy with a different signature will change our energy body more. Like the metal, we’ll feel it strongly. Although, if the energy is too different from our own, it won’t really interact with our energy body in the first place. Be aware of that if you’re trying to create energy signatures that are obvious to people.

This gives us a clue to how crystals “amplify energy”: When you send energy to a crystal, it transforms the signature of the energy into something quite different from a human’s energy body. We feel this energy more strongly, even though the crystal hasn’t created more energy.

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