Two weeks ago, I set out to write this blog post. I thought it would be easy – I developed the healing techniques, knew the system inside and out, shouldn’t I be able to quickly explain it?

Turns out, no. Explaining it in a quick, simple way was surprisingly difficult. I did a post and video as I thought it through. Today, I’m returning to that video to capture and condense the answer:

Start with a very quick definition:

I work with the body’s natural energy field, the chi or prana or energy produced by living cells. Healthy cells produce healthy chi, inflamed cells produce inflamed chi, and so on.

The energy around the cells also influences the cells. By adjusting the energy around the cells, we can influence the cells over time to promote health and healing.

Then the basis for energy healing, getting into my unique approach:

The energy produced by tendons primarily affects tendons, the energy produced by cartilage primarily affects cartilage, and so on. To get strong results, it’s key to align the healing energy to both the type of tissue (tendon, cartilage, etc) and the state of that tissue (inflamed, arthritic, etc). Everyone’s cells have a slightly different energy, so the energy must also be aligned to each individual.

Now the specific techniques I use for osteoarthritis clients:

For OA clients, I read the energy of the cartilage and arthritis lesions, and apply a healing energy based on the energy of a child’s cartilage, but precisely aligned to that client’s current energy.

I read the energy of the bursa, find the parts of that energy related to inflammation, and precisely suppress them, while boosting parts of the energy signature related to healthy cell growth.

I read the energy of the nerves. When nerves signal pain over and over, they learn to signal pain better and better – this is what chronic pain is, and it has a unique physiology and a unique energy signature. When I precisely suppress those parts of the energy, many clients have reported feeling their pain drop in a matter of minutes.

So that’s what Healing Lab Energetics is: Precisely adjusting the energy around the cells to have the maximum impact on the body.

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