What is my system of healing?

I’m supposed to write a blog post about that, something concise and simple for lay people. I put it in my calendar, I’m supposed to sit down this morning and write it out.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. How do I explain the essence without getting lost in the details? Sometimes I write to think, and this is one of those days.

One option is to compare mine to others. Other systems use a single universal energy for everything, I dial in just the right energy for each tissue involved in the condition. Compare it to a doctor, think of how it would be if your doctor had to give the same medication to every single patient, you get better results by customizing the techniques to the condition. This is a normal part of my intro call, I’ve said it many times.

That’s part of it, but it doesn’t feel like the essence. That’s what the system is rather than why it is that way.

Writing that, I think of the Simon Sinek talk, start with why. It’s about how everyone knows what they do, and some people know how they do it, but most people can’t articulate the driving belief behind it.

So that’s what I do, dial in just the right energy. Or maybe that’s how I do it, maybe what I do is energy healing, and the differentiator is that I dial in just the right energy, and use sensory connections to figure out what energy is just right. Yeah, that sounds right.

That also shows me why this always feels flat. Because I’m starting with the technical explanation, not the driving belief. There’s nothing to orient readers on why this matters so much, and nothing to inspire me in speaking about it.

What’s the underlying belief then?

That energy is a natural phenomenon, and by observing it we can understand it, and harness it to help more people.

That energy, chi, has a significant impact on living cells. But only if it’s aligned correctly.

That the better we align the energy, and the deeper and the energy body we work, the stronger the results.

And so, my approach is to precisely read the energy produced by the cells, align the healing energy to those cells, and sink it deep in the energy body.

It’s not quite there, but it’s a step in the right direction. More to come.

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