If I were learning energy healing all over again, here are the first three skills I would focus on mastering:

Quieting your energy for 15 minutes

To read a client’s energy, I must quiet my own energy. We talk about this often, but I rarely quantify it. For client sessions, I’ll read their energy for 10 or 15 minutes, then discuss what I observed.

So it’s necessary to hold my energy quiet for 15 minutes at a time, and for this to be comfortable and easy. If simply quieting your energy takes all your focus, you won’t have enough attention left to read and remember all the energies of all the different tissues.

Work up to it slowly. Hold your energy quiet until you feel tired. Time yourself. Just like with physical exercise, there will be fluctuations day to day, but over time you should see an increase.

Then practice holding your energy quiet while you do something else like go for a walk, watch a video, or read. Learn to hold your energy quiet with only a part of your attention, so you can focus on the client’s energy as you read it.

Recognizing energy reliably

The next skill is actually reading the client’s energy. Truly feeling the energy, rather than simply perceiving what I expect to be there.

The tool for this is the energy game. Play it until you become reliable, until it’s easy and comfortable to recognize where the energy is. Until you can distinguish true energy from your expectations, over and over.

This is the theme: Practicing each skill one at a time until it’s easy, rather than trying to do the whole healing session all at once.

Communicating with ethereal software for 15 minutes

Every system of energy healing has a term for the source of the energy. Some call it The Universe, others a matrix, or egregore, or collective unconscious. My term is ethereal software.

Whatever you call it, communicating with it is key to sending the healing energy to the client. And communicating clearly is key to getting the correct type of energy.

Just like I often read the client’s energy for up to 15 minutes, I often send the healing energy for up to 15 minutes. So it’s key to be able to communicate with the ethereal software for that one as well, comfortably and easily, without feeling fatigued. As before, build up to this over time and practice.

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