Last live stream a viewer asked:

“Is [energy] different for different people? How do I know what I feel? Sometimes I feel a pressure in my head, sometimes buzzing.”

Yes, different people’s energy can feel different.

Let’s start from the beginning: The sensations of energy come from your mind, they are how your unconscious represents energy.

Every person has a different energy signature, which might also be called a wavelength, color, texture or type. When you feel their energy, you’re feeling that signature.

How will that person’s energy feel to you? It’s all up to how your unconscious represents that signature of energy.

For some people, all energy might feel like heat, with very subtle variations or additional sensations. For other people, different energy might have very different sensations. Neither is right or wrong, it’s a matter of learning to work with your unconscious, which might be different from my unconscious.

The energy you build might be different from day to day also. If one day you’re relaxed and the next day you’re stressed, you’ll probably produce energy with different signatures. As you practice and learn to be intentional about the energy signature, you can produce the same energy each day, but until then it’ll probably vary. So your own energy might produce different sensations from day to day, also.

This is probably why you sometimes feel buzzing, sometimes pressure, sometimes something else.

But there’s more. Buzzing and pressure in your head are usually signs of too much energy. Try working with a little less, or move some of the energy out of your head and into your body. See how that feels.

And of course, if you want to learn more about how energy feels to you, once you remove the expectations and guessing, the way to do that is with the energy game. I highly recommend it, especially for beginners.

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