How does energy healing affect living cells?

Nobody truly knows. But I want to share my best understanding, and how it’s led me to better healing techniques.

When I read the energy signature of a client’s tissue, I think of each part of the signature as corresponding to a different cellular process. If you think of an energy signature as a radio wave, then different parts of the wave correspond to different cellular processes.

Inflamed tissue has certain biochemical processes that cause the inflammation, and these are reflected in the energy signature. When I work with inflammation, my goal is to suppress those inflammation-related parts of the signature, while boosting the energy signatures I find in healthy growing tissue.

With osteoarthritic cartilage, my goal is to get the cartilage to start growing again. I use an energy based on the energy of a child’s cartilage, boosting the parts of the signature that are found in young, growing cartilage.

With chronic pain, when nerves signal pain over and over, they learn to signal pain better and better. This has a unique physiology, and a corresponding unique energy signature. When I suppress those unique energy signatures, many clients report their pain dropping in minutes.

The more we understand how energy healing affects living cells, the more we can do to develop faster, stronger healing techniques. This is my best understanding as of today. But I’m excited for the day we can do scientific research into the mechanism of action for energy healing, experimenting on cells in a Petri dish to see how different energy signatures affect different cellular processes. That’s part of why Healing Lab exists, and why I do what I do.

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