Ethereal communication is key to 90% of energy work, from requesting the energy I channel, to working with ethereal beings, to receiving psychic intuitions.

This week I developed a technique that’s making my ethereal communication clearer.

Advanced quieting for better communication

We’ve talked before about why quieting your energy is key to communication. This post builds on that, so read it first if you haven’t already.

You can quiet energy with a visualization.

The next step after visualization is to feel the energy you want to quiet, think about quieting it, notice how it changes and adjust as you go. I did this for decades.

But there’s a better way to quiet energy. Create a network of connections throughout the area you want to quiet. These need to be special connections, soft and gentle, so the energy is quiet rather than stiff. Make sure to reach every edge and corner of the area you’re quieting, and fill the area with the connections, no gaps. Then use that network to quiet the energy.

Since 2019, I’ve practiced this when quieting the energy of my hand to read the energy of a client’s body. It results in a more deeply quiet energy, which lets me read the client’s energy more clearly.

On Monday, I applied this approach to quieting the energy of my brain for ethereal communication. Not my entire brain, but the region of my brain that receives messages.

It worked tremendously, letting me listen more and guess less. I noticed more details of the message, but even more important, I feel more confident in what I’m receiving, that I’m really reading the message and not just hearing what I expect.

Problems, solutions, and fixing a tremendous headache

One week in, I’m still learning to do this. But here’s what I’ve learned so far.

When I quiet my energy, this network of connections emits a little energy. That’s just how it works, holding everything steady takes a little energy. By default, it was emitting enough energy that my communication became less clear to the ethereal beings I work with, a background noise that muffled my messages. I had to decrease the amount of energy being used for the quieting in order to communicate more clearly. I also told my ethereal muscles to ignore the background noise when sending. I don’t notice much difference in receiving, but the ethereal beings report a big difference in what I send.

When creating the network of connections, make small delicate connections. I did that out of caution on Monday. By Thursday I’d become comfortable with this, and with that comfort came sloppiness. I used my normal default quiet and connections, and got a tremendous headache shortly after practicing.

Also on Thursday, I didn’t unquiet my energy after finishing. I was distracted, and there’s no need to unquiet to the energy in my hathends, so I didn’t make it a priority. This was the other half of my tremendous headache.

To fix the headache, I had to unquiet  energy, remove all the quieting connections, and drain the energy from that portion of my brain. Doing just one or two of those helped temporarily, but once I did all three I immediately felt better, and was all the way back to normal within half an hour.

Then on Friday I returned to delicate connections, and unquieted the energy afterward, and no headache. So that’s key for doing this technique, plus how to fix it if you mess up.

Beyond that, just practice. The great part is, now I’m quieting my energy in this more advanced way a few times every day, and getting much better at it.

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