As a beginner, there’s a lot to learn. Building energy, moving it, contacting energy sources, channeling energy, and more.

I’ve given you a road map for getting started, but that still leaves a question: Where should you focus? What skill should you practice the most and master first?

An obvious answer is channeling healing energy. That’s what you want to do, after all. That’s what lets you help people as a beginner, so wouldn’t it make sense to focus there?

That’s not a bad answer, but there’s a better one:

Sensing energy. The first skill to master when learning energy is how to notice energy, and how to notice the difference between feeling energy and imagining it.

Once you can sense energy, all the other skills become easier to learn.

You can practice building energy, and know how much you’ve built and when you’re improving.

You can practice moving energy, and know where it went, and how well you did, and moving it.

You can practice contacting ethereal software and channeling energy, and know whether it responded.

Once you can sense energy, you can spot your successes and correct your failures. That’s the key to learning. And that’s why sensing energy is the first skill to learn.

To learn to sense energy, first practice quieting your energy, then develop your skills with the first energy game.

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