We’re talking about automating healing energy so my students and I can channel it from the energy source, rather than having to figure it out ourselves each time.

Last time we covered the first energy I automated, for calming.

But a key part of automation is improving the techniques over time. Today I want to share how I improved the anti-inflammation energy.

Note: This energy is designed for anti-inflammation. I would love to do research at some point and verify what it actually does, but we’re not there yet. I’ll call it anti-inflammation energy in this post, though it’s more accurate to say the energy designed for anti-inflation.

The starting point

When I first started working with my team of ethereal beings, they already had an automated energy designed for anti-inflammation. It had components for suppressing the energy signature of inflammation, plus signatures supporting the energy signature of tissue growth. We started by programming that energy into the ethereal software.

Broadening the signature

As we worked with clients, whenever I wasn’t exhausted we would read the energy signature of their inflammation, find any additional signatures that weren’t being suppressed, and set up a custom energy for that client including those signatures.

Over time, those additional signatures became a normal part of how we work with inflammation. Once they became familiar and commonplace, we updated the automated energy to automatically include them.

Deepening the energy

One of the keys to making energy stronger is to set it deeper into the energy body. Over the years we’ve improved this, working with deeper layers routinely.

When we first go a layer deeper, we need to do everything manually again, adjusting the healing energy to precisely match the client’s energy. Then as we get more experience at that layer, we learn what signatures to look for and become comfortable with that deeper layer. When we do, we update the automated energy to work at that layer also, and then start our own exploration of an even deeper layer.

Increasing cycles per second

We haven’t done this one yet, but it’s next.

In recent years, I’ve been working with increasing how often the ethereal software applies the healing energy. Increasing this from 4Hz to 6 or 8 seems to have a big impact on clients. My team and I are getting comfortable with this, so coming up I expect to automate it, making the automated energy even stronger.

You might notice, these improvements are the same improvements I make to all my techniques. Get all the energy signatures, set them deeper into the energy body, and increase the cycles per second. That’s intentional – strengthening the automated energy is the same as strengthening any energy, it’s just a matter of programming it into the ethereal software.

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