Every system of energy healing has the concept of an energy source that the practitioner channels. It might be called a matrix, an egregore, or The Universe. Jung’s Collective Unconscious points to this same phenomenon. My term is ethereal software.

But whatever you call it, how do you notice it connecting to you?

This is important for reliability. If you want to intentionally engage an energy source and make sure it’s listening to you, you need to be able to notice it first. Here’s how:

First, build a little energy in your body, move it to your head, and quiet it. We covered this two weeks ago for communicating with energy sources, and this post explains how to quiet your energy.

Notice the chi in your head right now. I say chi because I don’t mean tension, or anxiety, or anything else to do with emotions or attention. I specifically mean chi, like we learned to feel in the energy game.

Engage your energy source, in whatever way you normally do. This might be a meditation or visualization, it might be a physical motion for ritual, or if you’re in a class the teacher might get the energy source to engage for you. There’s no one right answer here.

Now tune in to the chi in your head again. Notice what changed. Very likely, you’ll feel a tingling or heat or presence. It might feel like it’s inside your head, or it might feel like it’s a little bit outside of your body, in the odd way that sensations of energy can feel like they’re outside the body for some people.

And the same way that energy feels different to different people, the connection from an energy source feels different to different people. And just like with energy, there’s no right or wrong answer here. The sensations are simply whatever way your unconscious mind represents the shift in your energy body caused by that connection.

Next time you want to engage that energy source, move a little energy to your head, quiet it down, and then think about how that energy source felt to you. Think about reaching out for it. If you named it, think about the name you gave it. And then notice how it feels as it engages.

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