Calming energy is one of the first energies I teach my students. It’s based on the chi produced by a calm brain.

Before students can channel that energy, I needed to program it into the energy source. Today I want to share how I did that.

We’ve talked before about how to create your own calming energy: Meditate to get yourself calm, notice the energy in your head, create a visualization to represent that energy, then use that visualization to build some energy when you want to become more calm.

That was my first step also. I tuned in to the energy of my head, learned how it felt, and templated the signature.

I’d stopped using visualizations years earlier. Instead, I learned the shape of the signature, which parts of it were elevated and which parts diminished. It gave me better control of the energy.

The first step for automation was removing myself from the signature. In any energy signature, parts of it correspond to the tissue, parts of it correspond to the state of that tissue, and parts of it are unique to that individual. I wanted to make this energy broadly applicable, so I removed the parts that were unique to me.

I used that calming energy for years before programming it into the ethereal software. I’d build it in my body, send it to my head, or send it to a friend’s head sometimes. I developed an intuitive feel for it.

To properly automate it into my ethereal software, I worked with the ethereal beings on my healing team.

The main thing they need is a template, so the ethereal software knows what energy it’s supposed to apply. That was the energy I’d developed.

The next step I wasn’t aware of. In fact, I didn’t know the details until today, when I asked one of the ethereal beings about how he automates energy. Here’s what he explained:

The ethereal software knows how to modify an energy to a particular person. It takes the template energy signature, compares it to the person’s energy signature, and finds any place that’s a little bit misaligned. Then it tweaks the energy to match that person’s signature.

If it can’t fix the energy signature, it’ll remove that portion of the templated signature. And if it needs to remove too much of the templated signature, it will just shut down and not apply the energy as a safety measure.

How does the ethereal software perform those tweaks? That’s a much bigger topic, done by a whole bunch of ethereal beings. I’ll probably learn about it someday, but it’s a lower priority than developing practical healing techniques.

He continued, we had to specify which parts of the energy it could modify, and which parts needed to be kept the same. For my calming energy, we defaulted to allowing the software to adjust everything.

Then we told the ethereal software the name of the energy, and set it up so I and my students could request it.

So that’s how I automated my first energy technique.

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