There’s no such thing as healing energy.

Energy impacts the chi of the body. The right signature of energy, applied to the right tissue, can have a healing effect.

But there’s no single right signature. It’s different for every condition, every tissue, every person.

So how do we have the notion of a universal healing energy? How do I get the notion of a broad healing energy that my beginner students can channel for anyone?

The answer is automation. Programming all of those adjustments into the source of the energy, which I call ethereal software. Teach it to figure out all of those adjustments, so we don’t have to.

Automation makes healing sessions less tiring for me. I’m not figuring out every energy signature, I’m just channeling the healing energy.

And automation is necessary for my students. It takes years or decades to learn to do those adjustments oneself, but students can channel the healing energy with hours or days of training.

When I first develop a technique, there’s no automation. I work with the ethereal beings on my team to figure out the right energy signature from scratch, then we do it again for the next client and the one after that.

A few dozen sessions later, we’ve learned the basic form of the energy and the common adjustments. We program that into the ethereal software and use it with clients, tracking that it’s correct each time. At this stage, it’s unreliable, correct sometimes and misaligned others. We fix it each time, adding those adjustments to the automation.

Over time, the automation is correct more often. We make fewer adjustments, and trust the automation more. Eventually, it’s ready for my students, who can’t make those adjustments yet.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be talking about my current healing techniques, how I’m automating them, and the challenges I’m running into with energy for nerves. This is one of the focuses of my work this year.

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