When you receive a message from an energy source, how do you know that message isn’t just your own thoughts?

It’s a common beginner question. But it’s not quite the right question. Here’s the right question:

How closely does the message you read match the message the ethereal software sent, and how much did your expectations get in the way?

Here’s the thing: No message you read will ever exactly correspond to what the energy source sent. It will always be colored by your expectations. The goal is to minimize that effect.

For beginners: Last week’s advice applies here too. First, slow down, pausing at each concept to feel if you’ve gotten it right. And second, hold a bit of quiet energy in your head. It turns out that receiving messages is pretty similar to sending them.

But I’m writing about this today because it’s been on my mind in my own practice. How easy it is to anticipate the message I expect to receive, confirm that it’s more or less correct, but wind up 20 percent incorrect.

There are two ways to read a message. The fast way, and the steady way.

Reading a message quickly is like skimming a book. I know what I expect it to say, so I’m skipping a lot of words and filling them in with my guesses. In terms of energy communication, what I’m specifically doing is reading the signatures of the message into my brain, making sure they don’t clash too badly with what I expect to receive, and going with the message I assumed I’d get.

But, just like skimming a book, it’s easy to make errors. Often that means missing the detail, but every so often it means completely misunderstanding the message.

The other approach is to read one word at a time. (One concept for energy communication.) To empty your mind as much as possible, then bring the next bit of energy from the message into your brain, and feel the thoughts it creates. This is slow, and tiring, but far more accurate.

It turns out, ethereal muscles have a setting to change between these two behaviors. If I tell my ethereal muscles to be automated, they skim. If I tell them to be steady, they read.

Keep in mind, you still need to slow down too. When I tell my ethereal muscles to slow down, I also step through the technique of reading the message. But it’s much easier and less tiring when my ethereal muscles are aligned with what I’m trying to do.

I don’t know if this will work for beginners. It may be that ethereal muscles don’t get this setting until a certain point. But try it. Engage your ethereal muscles, and before reading the message, ask them to be automated or steady, and see what happens.

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