When channeling energy, it’s essential to clearly transmit your intent to the energy source. That’s how you get it to send the energy.

Today I want to share two ways beginners can improve the clarity of their communication with energy sources.

How energy communication works

When you think a sentence, such as, “Send the broad healing energy to the tissue between my hands,” the nerves in your brain fire. An MRI can read that activity to determine the words or image that you were thinking of.

That neural activity also causes those nerves to create little bits of chi. Like the activity read by the MRI, that chi creates patterns corresponding to your thoughts. By reading that chi, the energy source can read your intent.

Note: My term for these energy sources is “ethereal software.”

Technique 1: Slow down

As you think your message, little bits of chi spark into existence and then fade in your brain.

If you think as fast as you normally do, each thought exists in your brain for a fraction of a second. The chi sparks and fades rapidly. It’s easy to miss, or to get the energy of two words jumbled together.

But if you slow down, focus on each concept for a second, the energy becomes much easier to read, and concepts become easier to keep separate. Note that one concept might be several words, like “my hand” is one concept, at least for me.

This is the first technique, because it doesn’t require any control of energy. It just requires you to focus and slow your thinking.

Technique 2: Quiet energy

As you think your message, your nerves produce tiny bits of chi.

The key word there is tiny. Nerves are small, they fire briefly, and the chi produced is minimal.

Normally, that chi is absorbed by your tissue quickly. The ethereal software has to read that energy before it’s absorbed, which can be tricky. Parts of your message may be lost.

But if we saturate the tissue with energy, it won’t absorb those tiny bits of chi as quickly, making it easier for the ethereal software to read them.

To do that, build a little energy in your body, move it to your head, and quiet it.

Quieting the energy is key. In order for the ethereal software to read your message, the energy in your head needs to be steady and quiet.

If the extra energy is shifting and moving all the time, it’s difficult for the ethereal software to know which bits of chi are your message and which are just a change in your energy. The extra energy winds up drowning out your message.

This is true for receiving messages also, the energy must be very quiet or it will overpower the message you’re receiving.

You can use these techniques with any ethereal software, whether it’s one you got from me, from another teacher of energy healing, or just one you’ve had for as long as you can remember. Try it and leave a comment letting me know how it goes.

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