Last weekend I taught Modern Energy Healing. One of the keys is helping beginners believe in their energy.

Believe is a tricky word.

Sometimes believe is used as a pep talk. Trying to talk ourselves into believing what we hope is true. “I believe in myself, this interview is going to go great.” That’s proscriptive belief, trying to tell myself what I ought to believe.

Other times believe describes what I experience in the world. I believe that if I let go of my phone, it will fall to the ground. I’m not talking myself into believing in gravity, I’m describing what I expect to happen.

Most of the time, helping someone believe in energy amounts to a pep talk. The teacher shows confidence and shares some stories, and the students find it a little easier to take that leap of faith.

For years, I took that approach too, talking myself into believing in energy. And for years, there was a nagging doubt in the back of my mind, leading me to avoid work that would truly test my abilities.

These days, I like to ground belief in evidence. Data. It creates a different kind of belief, a grounded confidence similar to the confidence you would have that letting go of your phone will make it fall.

That’s why I start my classes with the science of energy healing, reviewing my favorite studies that helped me gain the confidence to start my professional healing practice.

Then we play the blindfolded energy game, so my students can gather their own data and experience energy as real themselves.

Having an experience with energy that can’t be explained away as placebo or suggestion helps give my students that same grounded confidence. It’s one of my favorite things about teaching.

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