If you’re new to energy, where do you start? Or if you’ve explored it for a while, did you miss anything? Here’s a step-by-step roadmap to learning energy for beginners.

Start with building and moving energy. Then learn to quiet your energy so you can sense energy better. Note that most teachers never teach quieting your energy.

Play an energy game to make sure everything is working. Practice until you get reliable results in the game, meaning you can reliably build, move, and sense energy. These are the fundamentals that everything builds upon, so making them reliable will pay off later.

Optional skill: Template the energy your brain produces when you are calm, then use that calming energy later. This is both useful, and teaches you about recognizing energy signatures, but it’s not necessary right now. You can skip it and come back later.

Quiet the energy in your head, then connect to ethereal software.

Learn to channel healing energy from that source.

At this point, you’re ready to start learning sensory connections so that you can start exploring intermediate techniques.

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