The energy used in energy healing, what is it?

I can tell you it’s a subtle energy produced by living cells. That in the East it’s called chi or prana.

But what is it? In terms of physics and biochemistry.

The truth is, no one knows yet.

I’ve seen people suggest that energy healing is an electromagnetic wave, like light or wi-fi. And it’s true, research shows that both practitioners and clients have changes in the electromagnetic field around their body. But practitioners routinely direct energy to specific tissue in the body, sometimes over great distances. Electromagnetic waves don’t target like that, and most don’t travel long distances.

What about radio waves? Those travel long distances. And it’s true, radio waves are produced by electricity traveling down a wire, and electrical impulses travel down your nerves. But a radio antenna needs a specific length and shape to match the electrical frequency and produce radio waves. Human nerves don’t do that.

I’ve seen quantum physics proposed, based on the collapse of the superposition when a phenomenon is observed. But the observer in quantum physics isn’t a human, it isn’t conscious. The observer is an instrument, like a photon detector, which entangles with the photon. Intent and consciousness aren’t part of quantum physics.

When we understand energy healing in terms of physics and biochemistry, it will open new possibilities in healing techniques, as well as breakthroughs in the physical sciences. That’s part of why Healing Lab exists, to drive research and answer those questions. We’re very excited for that day. But we’re not there yet.

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