The secret to learning energy is to practice every day.

This year my computer consulting work is intense. I get 10 or 15 calls a day, often starting at 8:30. I’m enjoying the work, but there’s less time for exploring energy.

The best way to form a new habit is to take tiny steps. To sneak up on the new way of being.

A month ago, I started opening the window blinds when I woke up in the morning. I can still get back in bed and read, but I let the daylight in first thing.

Two weeks ago, I started engaging my ethereal muscles every morning at 8.

These are tiny changes. That’s the point, they’re easy to do and maintain. To turn into habits.

But they’ve had a surprisingly large effect. I start my days earlier. I’m ready to practice energy even on the busiest days, when all I have is 5 minutes between calls. I notice the impact.

Think about your goals, and the tiniest step you can take toward them. Then take that step.

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