When I started exploring energy, it was a sensation in my body. A tingling or warmth on my skin.

As I became more aware of my own energy, the sensation changed. I sometimes feel a pressure in my head or a tingling in my hand, but usually I feel the energy in my own energy. I know, that sounds circular, but it’s a subtle shift in my awareness, a tugging at my attention.

In the same way that you can close your eyes, move your fingers, and know where each one is, I know where my energy is and I feel changes in it.

I don’t know if this is universal. It may be that my ethereal muscles just happened to connect to the part of my brain that handles proprioception, so I experience energy as proprioception. Or it may be that everyone experiences energy this way as they get used to noticing their energy body. I don’t have enough data points to know.

Somewhere around 2010, I awakened an ethereal muscle for viewing energy. It takes all the information from the other ethereal muscles and displays it to me visually. Not as something I see in front of my eyes, but as an image in my mind, like remembering a diagram. When I first read a client’s energy, this lets me map everything. It’s useful for a quick orientation.

There’s no one right way to experience energy. My experience of energy seems to match the work I’m doing and the information my ethereal muscles need to represent.

For detailed work, like matching an energy signature, it’s kinesthetic. I feel my way around the energy signature, like if you closed your eyes and felt a sculpture, understanding where the bumps and creases are, which areas are smooth and which are rough. I’ve read enough energy signatures that I know what the energy of healthy tissue looks like, and I can spot the differences. Someday we’ll need a language for this, but for now it’s all just feeling and memory.

How do you experience energy?

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