Blindfolded energy games are a key part of every class I teach. Why are they so important? And why don’t other teachers use them?

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Here’s the first blindfolded energy game we play: Hold out both hands and close your eyes. Your partner sends energy to one of your hands. They don’t tell you which one, they don’t touch you, you don’t know which hand it is. Tune in to the energy and figure it out.

This game teaches the core skills of energy: Feeling energy for the receiver, directing energy for the sender.

And here’s the most important part: It’s obvious when it didn’t work.

The sensations of energy are subtle. A mild feeling of heat, gentle tingling, the lightest of touches. It’s easy for expectation and placebo to create those sensations. It’s easy for them to create sensations even stronger and more obvious than energy.

The key to improving a skill is knowing when you succeeded and when you didn’t. Without that feedback, you have no compass to guide you toward improved results. These games are that compass.

Without blind feedback, the skill you improve could easily be placebo-ing yourself into feeling tingling, rather than learning to truly listen for energy.

If these games are so important, why doesn’t anyone else teach them?

I can only guess, but here’s what I do know:

I faced tremendous resistance when I first started these games.

I faced resistance to trying the games myself. They showed me where I was less skilled with energy than I thought I was. That’s the whole point. It’s key to improving, but it can also be confronting, especially because my self-image was tied up with my skill at energy.

I faced resistance to teaching the games. I wanted my students to feel good at the end of my class. That’s key to being a financially successful teacher. I was worried that my students would fail and be unhappy, and part of me wanted to only give them exercises I knew they would succeed at, like closing their eyes and hyperventilating a bit and imagining energy, which is basically guaranteed to produce tingling.

It took time and effort to overcome that resistance. I had to really want it.

But I’m so glad I did. It was key to making my techniques reliable enough to come with a money-back guarantee, and it’s been key to getting results and confidence for my students.

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