Energy feels like heat to some people. Others experience it as tingling. Some feel a presence, or gentle touch on their skin. Understanding how you experience energy is key to making your energy reliable.

But why does energy feel different to everyone? And why do so many teachers say that energy only feels like tingling?

The second question is simpler: If you tell people to visualize light and expect tingling, people will feel tingly. That’s how suggestion works. If they breathe deeply, hyperventilating a little, they’ll feel tingling even more easily.

I know people feel energy differently because of the blindfolded energy games we play in all my classes. The blindfold means you don’t know where to expect the energy, so any sensations caused by your expectations are random, they usually won’t be in the correct location. This lets you tune in to how energy really feels, the subtle sensations in the part of your body that is receiving energy.

When we play those games, we learn that different people experience energy differently. And it turns out, matching your visualization to how energy feels to you is key to making energy reliable.

But why? Why does energy feel different to different people?

There are two ways we experience sensations. I don’t know if there are real terms for these, but I’ll call them bodily sensation and mental sensation.

Bodily sensations are what we normally think of. Something touches my hand, the nerves in my hand send signals up my arm to my brain, and I feel the touch. Simple.

But if you close your eyes and imagine a feather brushing your hand, you’ll also feel something. Nothing is touching your hand, the nerves in your hand aren’t causing the sensation, but you still feel something. This is what I’m calling a mental sensation, originating in your mind and thoughts.

If energy stimulated the nerves of the hand, everyone would feel it. Meaning, if energy were a bodily sensation, it wouldn’t take training and skill to sense it.

(One of my projects is to create exactly that: Energy techniques that anyone, even skeptics, can feel.)

Energy feels different to everyone because it is a mental sensation. Your ethereal muscles notice the energy, then create sensations in the brain to represent it. And those sensations vary from person to person, depending on how and where their ethereal muscles connect to their brain, and probably many other factors.

So remember: The visualization that works for me might not work for you, because your mind might represent energy differently than mine does.

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