Sensory connections are how we observe energy. There are many layers to the technique, from beginner through advanced.

Today I want to share two ways I’ve been developing my own sensory connections. This will be an advanced post.

Deeper quiet for my energy body

Sensory connections are quiet connections. They work best when the energy of my body is also quiet. If I’m extending a sensory connection from my fingertips, I’m going to quiet the energy of my hand.

Quieting energy means gently holding it steady.

But the energy body isn’t one thing. There are many layers to it. The deeper I send healing energy into a person’s energy body, the faster and larger the results are.

It turns out, I can quiet different layers of my energy body also. By default, I was quieting the first two layers well, and the third layer poorly.

When doing healing sessions, I typically work at the third layer of the energy body. That’s not because the third layer is the best layer to work with, it’s just the best match for my level of skill right now, letting me work as deep as I comfortably can in the energy body.

This is the step I’m on right now: Getting used to quieting the third layer of my energy body so I can see the third layer of a client’s energy body more clearly. It’s just a matter of including those smaller signatures when I quiet my energy, and I expect to be proficient at it by the end of the month.

Listening rather than guessing

Our expectations are fundamentally tied to our experience. That’s why the color of food affects how it tastes, and why putting cheap wine in a fancy bottle fools somaliers.

This is true of energy as well, perhaps even more so.

Last year I learned there are two modes for my ethereal muscles. The first mode, the automated mode, is fast. It makes guesses as to what I’ll observe, and then adjusts based on what the sensory connections pick up. It’s fast and reasonably accurate, but sometimes we’d like slow and highly accurate.

That’s where the steady mode comes in. In this mode, the ethereal muscles avoid guessing as much as possible, and slowly read the energy signatures. This is key for detailed sensory connections, and also for more accurate communication with ethereal beings.

I practiced with the steady mode last year. At this point it’s comfortable for me, and I’ll be testing it out as I do more with sensory connections.

Once I’m feeling comfortable with those, I’m going to return to the testing I laid out at the beginning of last year.

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