Every system of energy talks about channeling the energy from a source. It might be called the universe, a matrix, an egregore, or the collective unconscious. I program these energy sources, so my term is ethereal software.

How do you get one of these energy sources as a beginner? How do you get started?

Today’s post is my answer.

You may have one already

If you get psychic intuitions, you’re probably connected to an energy source already. That’s typically the source of the intuitions.

Think about reaching out for an intuition, or to ask a question. How that feels in your mind and in your energy. Reach out for it, and ask it to connect to you.

If you feel a movement in your energy, or that sense that you’re about to receive an intuition, congratulations! You have some ethereal software.

Finding an energy source yourself

Once you can make a network of sensory connections, you can find these energy sources on your own. But that’s an intermediate technique, it’s not a great answer for finding your first energy source.

Take a class

If you don’t have an energy source already, most energy healing classes will give you one.

They might not call it that, especially if they conceptualize their energy source as a universal source that anyone can tap into. But whatever steps they do to unlock your ability to channel energy, under the hood that’s connecting their energy source to you.

Once you have access to the system’s energy source, you can use all the techniques I write about to communicate with it more clearly and further explore what it can do.

Using the energy source

Check out these posts on communicating with an energy source and channeling healing energy.

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