A key to being professional is doing your craft even when you don’t feel like it.

Three weeks ago I started a new job. It’s interesting but intense, often a dozen calls a day, all on different topics. I’m not stressed, but I’m also not relaxed. I’m certainly not in the headspace I usually occupy when practicing energy.

I expected to struggle with daily practice.

Instead, it’s forced me to become more professional with my energy. To engage my ethereal muscles, step by step, even when I’m unfocused. To practice energy for a few minutes even though I’m tired.

Mentally, it feels like forcing myself to write for that last hour of the workday. It’s not how I want to be all the time, but it’s an important part of being professional.

I struggled at first. My brain wasn’t used to engaging my energy while I was distracted and spent. I struggled to get into the right mental posture. Each step of engaging my ethereal muscles took effort, and that first week, all I did on some days was engage by ethereal muscles.

But it became easier. By the third week, I’m used to getting off of a call, engaging my energy while still in a work headspace, and getting a little practice done before my next call. Engaging my energy has become more mechanical, something I can step through no matter how I feel mentally.

The point isn’t just to squeeze more practice into my day. The point is that, as I do more healing sessions for clients, I’m going to have more days where I really don’t want to do energy, where I’m not in the right headspace, but I need to be professional and do the work. And I hadn’t realized that was a gap, but it was. And it feels good to have closed it.

If you have days where you’re struggling to get your energy practice in, accept that those days will be a little slower. Maybe all you do on those days is engage your ethereal muscles. But realize that is building the skill of practicing energy while you are distracted. And that’s a key skill for being an energy professional.

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