Continuing my four levels of emotional energy healing, we’re up to level three: Consciousness integration.

Years ago, I was reading about an approach to personal growth called parts theory. The idea is that we have many different parts of our psyches that came about at different times in our lives. Those parts were adaptive at first, but can be problematic when we continue them as adults. I called them semi-conscious, because we’re often not aware of them, but they will poke up into conscious awareness when something bothers us.

The goal of parts work is to talk with those semi-conscious parts of our psyche, and help them update to the adult world.

I developed this energy technique, consciousness integration, to enhance my ability to work with those semi-conscious parts. It’s an advanced technique, requiring a network of sensory connections.

At the time, I’d already been reading the energy of my brain for a while. I was curious how it changed when one of those parts was active and upset.

I watched the energy of my brain as I contemplated an event that bothered me, letting that semi-conscious part become more active. I’d expected to see shifts in energy everywhere, and to some extent I did, but mostly I found a single region becoming more active. Looking back, I don’t think I was reading the energy of my entire brain, I was only reading the conscious frontal lobe, the part that I use for communication. But within that, there was an area that really lit up when a semi-conscious part of my psyche became active.

I connected to that area, looked around, and looked for connections to my conscious mind. It was surprisingly easy; all I needed was connections to the semi-conscious part and connections to my conscious mind, and to think about the pathways between them.

I sent some energy into that pathway, matching its signature as best I could. It became so much easier to hear what that part was trying to tell me, and to talk with it about how the adult world works. Which is the whole goal of parts work, after all.

But there was a problem. That part was still upset, and as much as it was updating to the adult world, I was having a hard time not becoming more and more activated and upset myself.

It turns out, an important part of consciousness integration is supporting the conscious mind, holding its energy steady, to help keep me in a calm, adult place. By doing that, it helps make sure the semi-conscious part updates to the adult world, rather than the conscious mind updating to match the semi-conscious part.

So that’s the technique: Support the conscious mind, connect to the semi-conscious part, activate the pathway between them, and have a conversation. It’s been tremendously helpful over the years.

One more thing to watch out for: Make sure you have experience doing parts work and talking to those younger parts of your psyche before doing this. You need to know how to have that conversation first.

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