We’re covering four levels of emotional energy healing. That’s four energy techniques for working with emotions, from beginner through advanced.

Today is the first, easiest technique. It’s designed to help you stay calm as you process experiences, traumas, and patterns.

To learn this technique, you’ll need to know how to visualize energy and have experience sensing energy like with this energy game.

How calming chi works

Living tissue produces energy, or chi. Depending on the state of the tissue, it produces a different type, or signature, of energy. Healthy tissue produces healthy chi, inflamed tissue produces inflamed chi, and so on.

The same is true of the brain. An anxious brain produces energy in one signature, while a calm brain produces energy in another signature. We can call those signatures anxious chi and calm chi.

Surrounding the brain with anxious chi tends to make a person anxious. Surrounding the brain with calm chi tends to make a person calm. It doesn’t force the person to be anxious or calm, but it makes it easier to reach that state and stay there.

This technique is about learning to produce calm chi.

Note: People often refer to someone who fidgets as having an anxious energy, and someone who speaks gently as having a calm energy. That’s not what we’re talking about here. We are specifically talking about the subtle energy produced by living cells, not the emotional quality of a person’s interaction. To help make that clear, I tend to use the word chi rather than energy in these posts.

How to template calming chi

Simple: Get into a calm state and feel the chi produced by your brain.

First, engage your energy. You can use the energy visualization, or if you know how, you can use your mental posture. Note that, if you build energy in your body, don’t move it up to your head. We want to read the energy of your calm brain, not the energy that you happened to produce earlier.

To get into a calm state, you can try meditation, relaxing activities like a bath, or just wait until you’re naturally calm.

Once you’re in that calm state, bring your attention to your head. Tune in to your chi, just like you tuned in to the energy in your hands in the energy game. Notice how it feels, any textures or colors that come to you, any other sense of what makes this energy different from other energies.

Note that we specifically want to tune in to the chi, not the other feelings of calm. Your relaxed forehead, your calmer thoughts, the other physiological and mental aspects of being calm are not what we’re looking for here. We are specifically looking for the chi.

Also, note that there’s nothing unique about calm chi. You can do this exercise for a focused state that’s ready to work, a happy state, or anything else. Just realize that we’re talking broad strokes here, and you probably won’t be able to notice the difference between similar states, like being calm vs relaxed.

Visualizing calm chi

Now that you know how calm chi feels, make a visualization that represents that energy to you. Follow the guide on creating energy visualizations, focusing on the unique qualities of calm chi.

One of the keys here is to focus on how calm chi actually feels to you, rather than a visualization that might psychologically make you feel calm. So we are still after something that says energy to your unconscious, not just visualizations of a relaxing forest or river or bed.

Using calm chi

When you want to feel more calm, use the visualization to build calm chi in your body, then move the chi up to your head. Hold it there while you take a few breaths or otherwise help yourself become calm. Remember, the energy won’t force you to be calm like a drug, it just supports you in becoming and staying calm.

If the energy feels buzzy or anxious, that means you have too much of it. Move some of it out of your head until that sensation stops.

Hold the calm chi in your head while you process the experiences and patterns that you’re working on. Or just use the energy when you want to calm down after work or before a meeting.

Feel free to leave the calm chi in your head as long as you like. There’s no need to release or ground it when you’re done. This is true of almost all energy by the way. The warnings to always release the energy are largely unfounded.

In the rare case that you do get a headache from the energy, just release the energy, then build a little more energy in your body, flush it through your head to reset everything and release that energy also. An energy headache is easy to fix.

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