We’ve been covering the five levels of sensing energy, five techniques to get you an increasingly detailed picture of the energy in the client’s body so you can align your healing energy more and more precisely.

Today is level 5: Aligning to an energy signature.

Why align to an energy signature

Aligning is about noticing the details.

Without aligning, you can still feel energy. You can still notice the difference between healthy and inflamed energy. My students do it all the time.

But when I align to an energy signature, I notice all the details. The difference between inflamed tendon in one person and the same tissue in another person. The difference between a client’s arthritis last month and this month. Critical details for aligning healing energy to the client’s body.

Aligning to an energy signature is like holding a magnifying glass up to a painting. Without the magnifying glass, you can still make out the painting. But with the magnification, you can see each brush stroke. Critical if you want to repair or copy that painting.

Aligning to a signature allows us to notice the details of that energy signature. It’s key for developing new healing techniques, and many other advanced energy techniques I do.

How aligning works

We’re going to break a signature down into its building blocks.

When I was first developing this, I thought of an energy signature as being like a word, and the building blocks were like letters. The same building block could appear in many signatures, but mean something different each time.

These days I think of building blocks like atoms building up into amino acids, which build into proteins.

I’ve also explained it as like how a rope is made of twine, which in turn are made of strings, which in turn are made of fibers.

Or, more recently, like a fiber optic cable made of many fibers.

I start counting at the largest scale, the full signature. The building blocks of that full signature I call the second-level signature, and the building blocks of that second-level signature are the third-level signature. You could count it in other ways, but this is what’s worked for me.

There’s no perfect way to align to a signature. The best we can do is guess, create a connection with a signature that we think might match what we’re working with, and see how it feels. We can make a lot of guesses, see which is best. But we can’t find a perfect match, all we can do is guess over and over.

If we try to guess at the full signature, we’ll never get good alignment. (At least, in my experience.)

But if we align to the second-level signature (by guessing and taking whichever guess is best), and then use those second-level signature guesses to create the top-level signature, we wind up with a much better-aligned signature.

And if we make our best guess at the third-level signature, use that guess to create a better-aligned second-level signature, and then go from there to the top-level signature, we wind up with something very close.

In practice, this is what I do. I align two levels deeper in a signature than I intend to work. This seems to produce a very closely aligned signature that gets good results.

Incidentally, this is a key technique that I still use today with clients and when developing new energy techniques, aligning at the fifth level of an energy signature so that I can work at the third level of that signature, which is also the third layer of the energy body.

How to learn to align

To start, the goal is just to align to the second-level signature, then use that to build the full signature.

In the fourth technique for sensing energy, we learned to broaden an energy signature by creating tiny connections, like the individual fibers of a fiber optic cable. Each of those tiny fibers corresponds to a single level-two signature, with the whole cable corresponding to the full signature. So when we broaden the signature, we’re making a bunch of guesses at possible level-two signatures.

To align to the client’s signature, make connections to them and broaden your signature. Then bring your attention to each of the level-two signatures, and how they meet up with the client’s energy. Some of them will feel solid, like it would be difficult to shift them. These are the signatures that match up with level-two signatures in the client.

Other signatures will feel light and pliable, like you could shift them easily. These are the signatures that did not line up. Drop those signatures, just ignore them and stop using them.

At this point you have level-two signatures that more or less match the client’s level-two signatures. Now think about the full signature, how the level-two signatures combined to make it. Let your level-two signatures combine in the same way, creating a full signature out of your leve-two signatures that is similar to the client’s full signature. I don’t have a specific technique for doing this, I do it by feel.

That’s how you align to an energy signature. Broaden the signature, find the small signatures that match the client’s signature, then rebuild the full signature.

As you get better at this, you will be able to broaden the signature more, to more completely match the breadth of level-two signatures. You’ll also use even smaller signatures, working at the third or deeper level. That’s most of what I do in terms of sensing and aligning to energy signatures today.

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