There’s no one right way to visualize energy.

Visualization is about communicating your intent to your unconscious. What matters is that the visualization speaks to your unconscious.

But my visualization speaks to my unconscious. It represents energy the way energy feels to my unconscious. That’s what it’s supposed to do.

But here’s the problem: A visualization that speaks to my unconscious might not speak to your unconscious. It might be the wrong visualization for you.

This has actually happened for my students. Most memorably, one woman had learned a visualization from another teacher, representing energy as white light. When she used this visualization, she felt the tingling her teacher had told her to expect. It seemed like everything was working. But when we played blindfolded energy games, her partner didn’t feel anything.

What happened? Didn’t the tingling mean she was really building energy? In a word, no. Tingling can happen for many reasons, including expectations, hyperventilation, and imagination. That’s why we play blindfolded energy games, to make sure that what students feel really is from energy.

It turned out, her unconscious mind didn’t understand her visualization. Light didn’t mean energy to her unconscious, so visualizing light didn’t produce energy for her.

She gathered data. As the receiver in the game, she was able to learn how energy feels for her, freed from her previous expectations. It turned out, energy felt like heat to her. That is how her unconscious understands energy.

She created a new visualization, representing energy as a red glow in her body to symbolize heat. She practiced a few times, then played the game as the sender again. And it worked! She didn’t need hours and hours of additional practice. She just needed the right visualization for her.

Does this mean you should visualize energy as a red glow? No. The whole point is, that visualization worked for her. The visualization that works for you might be different. What matters is that it matches the way your unconscious understands energy.

How can you discover the way your unconscious understands energy? If you are alone, you can meditate and tune in to yourself. But the best way is to get together with a friend, play the energy game, and gather the data. It’s to become an energy scientist for yourself.

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