Last week I shared the five levels of sensing energy, five techniques from beginner through advanced for observing energy. I realized I’ve never written about the two intermediate techniques.

Today is about noticing more and different types of energy that you might otherwise not feel. This is the fourth of those five levels: Broadening the energy signature of your connections.

Why broaden the signature?

To notice a broader range of energies.

Different energy has different signatures. Inflamed tissue has a different signature than healthy tissue, tendon has a different signature than nerves, and so on.

But there’s not a single signature for inflamed tendon. Different people will have slightly different signatures. One person might have a slightly different signature from one month to the next.

Within the signature of inflamed tendon, there are many tiny signatures. Broadening your energy lets you notice more of those tiny signatures.

For my beginning students, this is unnecessary. The goal is simply to notice energy, and to feel the difference between different types of energy. At this level, all inflamed tendon is similar enough that it all appears to have the same signature.

But as I’ve gotten better with healing techniques, it’s become more and more important to notice the subtle differences between similar tissues. It allows me to align the healing energy to exactly what’s happening with that particular client, which gives stronger and more consistent results.

Broadening the energy signature of your sensory connections lets them pick up more variations of energy, and let’s you start to notice these subtle differences.

Two notes:

  1. I’ll often just call this “broadening your signature.” I mean the signature of your sensory connections, not the signature of your body.
  2. Before you can make use of this broader signature, you need to be good at quieting your energy and beginning to feel those subtle differences with your default signature. This is an intermediate technique for a reason.

How to broaden the signature

At this point, you should be making a network of sensory connections, with too many connections for you to consciously track each one. But you haven’t been thinking about the signature of those connections, you’ve just been using whatever signature happens to be your default.

To learn to broaden your energy signature, we’re going to back up a step, and use only a few sensory connections. And instead of spreading them out in physical space, we’re going to spread them out among the range of signatures, what a mathematician would call signature space, or the space of different signatures that your connection can have.

Make one sensory connection. Of whatever signature it has normally.

Make another sensory connection. Don’t worry about where it goes, it can just go to the same physical location as the first sensory connection. But think about the signature it has. Think about nudging that signature over a little bit, making it a little bit different from the first connection’s signature.

Now make a third sensory connection. Think about nudging its signature a bit too, but nudging it in a different way than the previous connection. A mathematician would say we’re moving it in a different direction in signature space.

Keep making individual connections, nudging their signatures to each be slightly different. Do this until you are tired, then do it again the next day, and again the next. After a few days, it will start to feel more comfortable, and will start to become easy to adjust the signature of a connection.

Now, make your network of sensory connections, but think about giving each connection different signatures. Because you’ve already practiced this, already taught your ethereal muscles how to do it, just thinking about it should work.

Noticing more and different signatures

Now that your network of sensory connections uses broader signatures, it will be capable of picking up a broader range of energy signatures in the client. Practice tuning in and really listening for the subtleties of the energy signatures you’re reading, and take time to notice more detail in the energy.

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