Two weeks ago I laid out the five levels of sensing energy. The third level is to create a network of sensory connections to read the energy at many different points, mapping out the energy signatures of the body or ethereal structure you’re working with.

Tiffany pointed out, I’ve talked about this network of sensory connections but never laid out exactly how to learn the skill. That’s what I want to talk about today.

Why create a network?

A sensory connection reads energy at a single point in the body. Think of it as an energy probe.

If you only have one sensory connection, you’ll need to move it around to read all the different energies of all the different tissues.

With a network of sensory connections, you’re reading energy for many different points at the same time. This does a few things:

  • Bigger picture. I still need to focus my attention on one location or one tissue in the body, but I can read energy from many different points in that tissue. This is great for locating the energy of inflammation, arthritis, or other damaged tissue.
  • Faster. With a sensory network, I only have to move my awareness, not the connections themselves. Going from cartilage to bursa to nerves and back again is much faster without having to move the connections themselves.
  • More stable. Because each connection stays in place and I just move my awareness, the picture is steady. This gives a clearer, more detailed picture of the energy.

Once you can make a network of sensory connections, there’s no reason to use a single sensory connection in most situations.

Note: I’ll often say “sensory network” instead of “network of sensory connections.” They are synonyms.

Learnings to create a sensory network

As the third level of sensing energy, this assumes you’re already proficient at quieting your energy and creating a single sensory connection.

It’s straightforward to learn a network of sensory connections. Not necessarily easy, but straightforward.

Make a single connection. While maintaining it, make another one. Do this several more times until it becomes difficult to maintain all the connections. Then, maintain them for as long as you can, maybe a minute or a few minutes, then rest.

Repeat this everyday for several weeks. You’ll wind up making more and more connections each time, and sustaining them for longer and longer.

As this becomes easy and automatic, you’ll no longer have to think about making individual connections, you’ll just think about making many sensory connections and let your ethereal muscles handle the details. But before you can do that, you’ll need to train them in how to do that by making connections one at a time.

When I learned to do this, I had ethereal beings sometimes connecting to me and draining my energy. I would make a few of my own connections and trace their connection back to them. That’s how I went from making a single sensory connection to making a handful to making more and more. But if you just want to learn a sensory network for healing purposes, you can just practice it by reading the energy of your own body.

Once you are proficient at this, think about how your connections are spread out in the body. Think about spacing them out evenly, like a grid, rather than letting them clump up however they would naturally. You don’t need to be perfect at this, but putting a little attention here will get you better overall detail.

One more improvement: Instead of making many separate sensory connections, I think about making a sensory connection and splitting it. This way, rather than having many sensory connections that originate separately from my ethereal muscle, I have one sensory network that splits into many connections as it goes toward the tissue it’s reading. Do this after you’re comfortable making multiple individual sensory connections, so you’re learning one thing at a time (first handling multiple sensory connections, and only later splitting a sensory connection).

And that’s it. The way to learn to make a sensory network is by starting with one connection, then making several, then practicing until you’re making a few dozen.

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