I’ve been working to rediscover my curiosity for energy. To become excited about my explorations again, rather than doing them only from professional duty.

On last week’s live stream, I realized that I needed time to play, to do whatever I was drawn to with energy, without trying to direct my exploration toward anything in particular.

After playing for a week, here’s what I’ve discovered:

Don’t think of it as rest. Taking the week off won’t get me anywhere. The point is to create time each day for unstructured practice, not to simply rest. (Rest is great sometimes, but now is not one of those times.)

Put down the computer. In my years as a consultant, long flights where my laptop ran out of power were particularly productive for my energy practice. Being diligent about setting aside electronics and creating time for practice has been key.

Any practice is good practice. As long as I’m using my energy, I’m making progress. The key is to do it, every day.

I enjoy exploring energy. I thought this week would just be easy practice that feels good. But I’ve wound up trying new techniques. I’ve increased the amount of power my ethereal muscles can store, learned about matching energy signatures deeper in the body, and done personal growth with consciousness integration. It was a productive week, and taking the pressure off of myself was key to making it productive.

Unstructured practice recharges me. The goal isn’t to maximize every minute of studying energy. The goal is to enjoy it, so I want to put in more time practicing energy, and reconnect with my excitement for this. Which has been successful so far. I need a few more weeks of this.

Testing may require diligence. Blind testing for my techniques may come out of this unstructured practice, but it may not. I’m thinking of unstructured practice as recharge time. In a few weeks, once I’m recharged, I will have another period of diligent practice where I test.

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