Today I’m sharing thoughts-in-progress as I consider my path with energy and what motivates me. I hope it’s helpful to you. We’ll return to “how to” posts next time.

Monday I began asking, “What’s next?”

I had completed powering my ethereal muscles. I was finally ready to get back to exploring energy. I reviewed my potential projects:

  • Creating sensations: First with students, then eventually with skeptics. This will likely lead to better techniques for pain, and probably also fun techniques for erotic energy.
  • Going deeper in the energy body: Every time I’ve gone deeper in the energy body, my healing work has become stronger and faster. It requires working with smaller and smaller signatures. It’s not easy, but it’s been very effective.
  • Testing sensory connections: At the beginning of the year, I did blind testing of sensory connections with fruit. I could return to that, and make that foundational technique more reliable.

Here’s the thing: I know what’s next. Next is testing and debugging sensory connections. That’s my theme for the decade, testing my techniques. It’s the most important thing for my healing practice. Sensory connections are the most important technique I use, because they’re how I observe everything with energy. Making them more reliable will solve countless other problems that I don’t even know exist.

But the motivation just isn’t coming.

I know what the next several steps are. Practice aligning to different signatures, so that I can make a clean connection to the fruit that I’m testing with. Train with my ethereal beings on what it means to align to a signature, so I can do that properly. And then do the blind testing, it’s not hard. I can even try store-bought fruit, a fresh plant clipping, and an object that I’ve energized, whether that’s organic or crystalline, comparing each of those options to an empty box.

If I just sat down and did that work it would be done in a few weeks.

But the motivation just isn’t coming.

In years past, before I did energy professionally, I let my curiosity guide me, exploring whatever caught my fancy that week. This wasn’t always good. It led me to avoid testing for years. But it also drove me to work each day.

Today, I want to meditate on this problem of sensory connections. I want to find my curiosity for this problem.

I know that’s not always how curiosity works, you can’t turn it on for the most useful topic. But there should be a great deal that I’m curious about here.

This technique that I use every day, that I know works for the most part because it leads me to useful healing techniques, didn’t work in blind testing. Why?

What’s involved in a clean alignment to a signature? Why is that harder for non-human signatures, and what will I learn as I learn to align to more different signatures? What will I observe once I have learned to make that alignment, once I can explore other signatures properly? What will I learn about ethereal beings and aetherial software?

Is the problem that the fruit is store-bought, has been sitting refrigerated for however long, has lost some of its energy? How quickly does that happen, and why?

Meditating on all of those questions, I begin to feel curious again.

But also, I still feel worn out. Like I want rest, and connection with friends, none of whom are as interested in energy as I am. I want something easy and fun with energy for a bit. After all of this effort to strengthen ethereal muscles, after a hard couple of years and some painful relationships, I want to enjoy this passion of mine.

What would that look like?

A bit of rest, not pushing myself into daily practice.

Talking with ethereal beings as friends, rather than only for work.

Feeling energy in my body, playing around with different signatures, not trying to create more obvious sensations, just trying things and seeing what happens.

That last item, trying things and seeing what happens, that’s what I’m trying to recapture. That’s the difference between laying out a project for testing a technique, and just following my curiosity.

I don’t know that there’s a single answer to regaining my curiosity with energy. And maybe this is the price of becoming more reliable and expert and professional: Prioritizing diligence over curiosity and simply doing the work. Maybe. But I’m not prepared to go that direction just yet.

I think this week, I will allow myself to just have fun with energy. And I’ll see if I can nudge that fun in the direction of sensory connections. And a week from now, I will know a lot more about how that works for me.

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