As an aspiring energy healer, where should you start?

Today I want to share the first three skills I’d recommend: Two energy techniques, and one interpersonal skill.

Discover how your unconscious visualizes energy

You’ll need to build, move, and quiet your energy. And the key to all of those skills, at least for a beginner, is visualizing your energy.

Here’s the challenge: I can’t tell you how to visualize energy. That’s because visualization is a way for you to communicate with your unconscious mind, and the key to good visualization is using symbols that make sense to your unconscious. What you visualize is often different than the symbols that make sense to another person’s unconscious.

The first step to using energy is discovering how your unconscious represents energy, so you can speak its language. I discuss how to do that here and here.

Channeling an energy source

Not all energy is healing energy. Most energy will have little impact on the body, and some can even be harmful. As a beginner, how do you get the right energy to help people?

The answer is simple: You channel it from an energy source.

Every system of energy healing has the concept of an energy source you channel. Some people call it The Universe, a matrix, an egregor; even Jung’s collective unconscious pointed at this phenomenon. The term I use is ethereal software.

The second step In learning energy healing is learning to contact ethereal software, send it your intent, and guide the energy where it’s needed. I discuss that here and here.

Holding space

When a client talks about their health, their pain, and their struggles, what do you do?

There’s a tendency to want to fix it. To say that you can solve it. But this usually leads to overpromising, which leads to a breakdown of trust and communication. Don’t over promise, and don’t jump to fixing it.

Some people want to tell the client it’s going to be okay, even though you have no way of knowing. Don’t do that, it minimizes their suffering and dismisses their experience.

The thing to do is listen. Sit with their suffering, and sit with your discomfort about their suffering, and just listen. Don’t interrupt, let them speak until they’re done. Reflect what you heard, and how hard it must be for them. Ask them an open-ended question so they can talk more. And then keep listening. That’s how to support someone through their suffering.

It’s a challenge as an energy healer, because people don’t pay me to hold space. I do need to get to the energy portion of the session. But an extra few minutes of listening and holding space will do wonders to help the person’s mood, build trust, and help the person feel cared for.

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