The key to effective energy healing is to precisely match the signature, boosting every part that needs to be stronger and suppressing every part that needs to be weaker.

That completeness is crucial. If we miss some of the energy signature, our healing techniques will be less effective. Perhaps ineffective. At worst, we can even get side effects.

But how can we be sure we’ve gotten every single bit of the energy signature that needs  adjusting? This week I improved how I match a signature, and I want to share that insight with you.

What I normally see: The filtered signature

Last year, walking in Dolores Park, I realized something about energy signatures that wasn’t making sense to me.

I had two ways of working with nerves. Most of the time, I would work with the part of the signature involving chronic pain. These were unique signatures, not found in muscle or tendon or other tissue.

Sometimes, I would work with energy signatures involving inflammation, for when the nerve tissue itself was inflamed as happens in neuropathy. These signatures are similar to inflamed  muscle, tendon, and other tissue.

Here’s the confusing part: When I looked at the chronic pain signatures, I felt like I was seeing the complete energy signature. And when I looked at the inflammation signatures, I felt like I was seeing the complete energy signature. But in Dolores Park, comparing those two signatures, there was no overlap between them. It wasn’t different states of the same energy signature, or different ways of assembling the same building blocks. No, these two signatures were totally different.

I realized that, when I thought about nerve pain, I was seeing a portion of full nerve signature. And when I thought about nerve inflammation, I was seeing a different portion of the full nerve signature.

And that meant that there were probably other portions of the full nerve signature that I was never seeing. How much more was there to this signature? How much was I missing?

It turns out, the full signature is enormous. Far too large for me to observe in detail or adjust in a meaningful way. It turns out, it’s very necessary to reduce that full signature into a filtered view, showing me only the parts that matter for a particular condition.

But there’s a problem: How do we know which parts to show me and which to exclude? Where do we draw the boundary to decide which parts of the signature matter for chronic pain and which don’t? And what happens when we get that boundary wrong?

The source of the filters: My ethereal muscles

Where do the filters come from? I didn’t decide what they should be, I didn’t even realize they existed until then.

It seems these filters are defaults included with my ethereal muscles.

They’re good defaults. They’ve got me a long way, and they’re getting results for most of my clients. But they’re still defaults, not tuned to the specific client, and probably not optimized based on scientific testing either.

Could I get better results by adjusting these filters to use a larger portion of the full nerve signature in my healing techniques? I cataloged it as an interesting idea, something to return to, and set it aside.

Recent work with the raw signature

This week, I worked with a client who had somewhat unusual nerve signatures. Not unhealthy, just different from other clients I’ve worked with. She’s also older, in her 70s where most clients are in their 50s, which may have been the cause. Or maybe it was just an individual difference. I don’t have enough data to say.

But the important part is, her nerve signatures were somewhat unusual, and she hadn’t been getting great results from my normal healing techniques.

Normally, when I suppress the chronic pain parts of the signature, I feel those parts of the signature collapse. Not the entire raw signature of the nerve, but the entire filtered view for chronic pain. That’s how I know it’s working.

But this time, when I set up the energy, the signature didn’t collapse. It resisted my healing energy. I broadened the healing signature, but still no collapse. Something wasn’t working.

I moved on, applied other healing energy, hoped for the best. But I kept mulling it over.

Then I recalled that idea about the raw signature.

If her nerve signatures were a little unusual, maybe the default view wasn’t working. Maybe it was excluding some important parts of the signature.

Working with the ethereal beings on my healing team, we looked at the raw signature of her nerves. It was enormous, overwhelming even.

One of the most skilled ethereal beings had an idea: He compared the raw signature to the chronic pain signature, found which parts of the raw signature were shown to us when we thought about the chronic pain view. Then he looked at the edges, saw what signatures were related, which signatures interacted with and connected to those normal chronic pain signatures. And there were several that were closely connected with them.

We added those additional closely connected signatures to the healing energy, suppressing those additional signatures as well. And everything clicked. The signature collapsed, like normally happens when a healing energy is working. (A healing energy focused on suppressing energy signatures, at least.)

I wish I could confirm the results immediately, but her pain is intermittent. It comes and goes. So she had no pain at the end of the session, but that might just be luck. We’ll know more in a few weeks.

But whether this specific healing energy worked for this specific person, the feeling of exploring the edges of the chronic pain signatures, and how those signatures reacted and completely suppressed when I added the other related signatures, tells me I’m onto something.

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