As I resume my daily energy workouts, I’m discovering more details about engaging my energy, and how to make the process smooth, fast, and effortless.

The goal is to engage the parts of the mind that move energy, which I call ethereal muscles. The technique is called mental posture, I’ve written about it many times.

In the past, I’ve thought of mental posture as one step. I’d just engage my ethereal muscles. And I’ve taught it as one step, a single visualization for my students to create and then use.

I’m discovering that mental posture is actually four steps. And by doing each step one at a time, the whole process becomes faster and easier, and in the end my ethereal muscles are more completely engaged.

Step 1: Feel my body’s energy

I know, it sounds like I’m saying step one of engaging your energy is to engage your energy.

But here’s the thing: My goal is to engage all the parts of my mind that let me read a client’s energy, reach out for energy sources (ethereal software), and do all of the other more involved techniques that make up my energy practice. And step one of doing that is to just feel the energy produced by my body.

This isn’t involved. I’m not noticing the subtleties of my energy or the differences between the energy of my head and chest and stomach. I’m just extending my awareness into the energy of my body, feeling it for a few seconds to wake it up.

In particular, I make sure to engage the energy of my head and brain.

Step 2: Engage my interface layer

Ethereal muscles are, well, ethereal. They’re made of energy. They connect to the brain, but they’re not part of the brain.

I used to think that ethereal muscles connected directly to the brain. But When I follow that path from my ethereal muscles to my brain, it doesn’t end at my brain’s energy. It doesn’t even reach my brain’s energy. It ends in another ethereal structure, simpler than my ethereal muscles, but quite distinct. I call the structure the interface layer.

Ethereal muscles connect to the interface layer, which in turn connects to the brain. What purpose does it serve? I think it makes all brains look the same to ethereal muscles. It makes it so that ethereal muscles don’t have to adjust to the differences between my brain and your brain, but can rely on that interface layer to make those adjustments.

My interface layer is large. Each of my seven ethereal muscles connects to different parts of my interface layer, which in turn connects to different parts of my brain. One of the keys to engaging my energy well is to engage all of my interface layer, and make sure I don’t miss any of it.

So that’s the second step: Engaging this interface layer, and making sure I get all of it. It takes me 10 or 20 seconds at this point.

Step 3: Touch my ethereal muscles

Once my interface layer is engaged, I reach out for my ethereal muscles, but I don’t worry about fully engaging them yet. I just reach out and touch each of them, thinking about waking them up. Again, this takes less than a minute.

Then I let my ethereal muscles wake up at their own pace while I do something else. That usually takes them around 10 minutes.

I’ve learned to feel when my ethereal muscles are ready to engage. It’s not an obvious sensation. At first, I just try to engage them every few minutes and see how long it took. But with time, I’ve learned to notice a subtle shift when they’re ready to work.

One of the keys to a productive day of energy is to do this minute or so of touching my ethereal muscles first thing after breakfast. (I find it more difficult to do this before I eat.) Then they can finish waking up while I start my workday, and be ready for me when I want to practice.

Step 4: Engage my ethereal muscles and get to work

Once my ethereal muscles have woken up, I engage each of them, one at a time. This lets me ensure each muscle is fully engaged. Then I get to work doing whatever I have planned for the day.

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