Sometimes, the most important job is to rest. But I’m still learning to allow myself to do that.

I push myself. Two careers, Healing Lab and tech consulting. Working and interviewing marketers during the week, seeing clients on the weekend. This month I’m also buying a home and moving into it.

But I’ve been falling down on my energy practice. Most days I only do half of what I have planned. Some days I don’t do any. And it’s so easy to beat myself up for not putting in the hours to develop those skills. To feel anxious that I let myself get exhausted.

Sometimes I need to remind myself: Resting is an important step in learning.

If I need to rest, but force myself to work, I accomplish neither. The work is inefficient, and the next day I’ll be faced with the same problem.

And yet…

And yet I feel virtuous for overworking. And I feel anxious for resting, like someone will judge me for not working to exhaustion.

I know that it’s far better to take the rest I need, then work efficiently later. But I still need to remind myself of that every day I rest.

Part of it is that I’m only accountable to myself. I have no one to tell me that I’ve done enough for now and that it’s time to take a break.

Part of it is building trust in myself, something I’m still doing. Learning to recognize when I’m resting because I need to rest, and when I’m resting because it’s more fun than work. I tend to assume that I can do more, and it only becomes clear to me that I need rest once I’m exhausted. If I could notice that earlier, and rest earlier, I’d probably get more done over the long term. But I’d need to trust myself to not just slack off.

So this weekend, my growth edge is resting. Trusting myself that I really do need it. Allowing myself to recharge and complete some projects so I can work efficiently next month. And releasing the anxiety that somehow someone will judge me for not doing enough.

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