Reflecting on the ways I’ve improved my energy healing, and the obvious things everyone tries that simply don’t work, I realized that learning energy healing is like learning golf.

Golf novices often want to hit the ball harder, trying to use their strength to make it go farther. But this isn’t baseball, and the key to golf is getting the club at the right angle and height to hit the ball properly. In other words, getting your club properly aligned.

Energy novices often want to use more energy, trying to build and push even more into the client’s body. But it doesn’t work, because once the client’s body has reached saturation, more energy does nothing.

The key to good energy healing is aligning the energy signature: Precisely increasing or decreasing the correct parts of the signature to create an effective healing signature. Getting everything lined up properly, we can produce a significant change with very little energy.

But if the signature isn’t properly aligned to the tissue, It won’t impact the body much, no matter how much energy you use.

Kind of like in golf, where a strong swing that hits the ball too high does next to nothing.

In energy healing, as in golf, the key is precision, not strength. As you practice, focus on the technique, not on producing large quantities of energy.

When learning a new technique, step through it slowly. Focus on getting each step correct and precise, not on speed or using as much energy as possible. Speed will come with time, as you practice the correct technique.

Avoid practicing when tired, as you’re more likely to be imprecise. Every time you practice the wrong technique, you slow your progress in mastering the correct technique.

I still make a point of going slow. When working with clients, I check the energy signature many times. First I plan out what I’ll do. Then I align the ethereal software to the tissue, and see what parts of the signature it will adjust. Then I apply the heading energy for a second, and see how the tissue’s energy responds. It takes more time, but it gets me a more precise signature alignment, which is what matters.

By focusing on technique, you can maximize your learning.

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