We associate energy with relaxation, inner peace, and healing. But what happens if your energy gets stuck in an unhealthy state?

Today, I want to share an unusual experience from my own energy exploration, and how I fixed it.

This week I’ve been feeling stressed and anxious and angry. Nothing extreme, just a mild background sense of something wrong. I figured it was just stress from work and set it aside.

Today, engaging my energy, I felt how tired my ethereal muscles were. It was difficult to even engage my energy.

This has happened many times before. As my ethereal muscles get stronger, they grow, and require more power. While they’re underpowered, they can be difficult to engage.

Increasing the power to my ethereal muscles is an intermediate skill, it’s something we start learning in my level three class and don’t really learn until level five, so I haven’t talked about it much here. But it’s a fairly straightforward, routine thing for me at this point.

Today, my ethereal muscles had enough power. But the interface between my ethereal muscles and my brain was underpowered. To increase power to that interface, I increased the power flowing to my brain’s energy layer, or the energy body of my brain, however you like to think of it.

My goal was just to make it easier to engage my ethereal muscles. But a wonderful side effect happened: My stress came down and my background anxiety and anger dissipated.

Why? What happened? I don’t know, but here’s my guess:

Just as the right signature of energy can help us become calm, the wrong signature of energy can do the opposite. Having insufficient power to my brain’s energy body created a weird situation, an unhealthy energy signature, that put me out of sorts for the week. Once I solved it, I felt like myself again.

This is likely an unusual situation. I don’t want you to think that every time you’re out of sorts, it’s because your ethereal muscles grew too much and your brain needs additional power. This type of thing has only happened to me a few times in decades of energy practice. The last time was in 2016 messing with energy flowing to my stomach. But I wanted to share this as a case study and what can happen as I explore some unusual aspects of learning energy.

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