Today I want to share the energy workout routine I’ve been developing. It’s designed to strengthen all aspects of my energy practice, be gentle enough that I feel good doing it everyday, and take no more than half an hour.

Working different ethereal muscles

The parts of the mind that drive energy I call ethereal muscles.

Each muscle does a different task. For example, most of my students have three ethereal muscles: One for making energy connections, one for reading and adjusting energy signatures, and one for communicating with ethereal software and ethereal beings.

It’s important to exercise all of your muscles. If you don’t, if you only practice communication, then the other muscles will never develop. Like a bodybuilder with giant arms and tiny legs.

My routine

I start by engaging all of my ethereal muscles. That way, even if I don’t use a muscle that day, I at least connected to it and woke it up, so it’s ready to go the next day.

Then I go through each of my seven ethereal muscles:

Connections: For the muscle that handles connections, I create a network of quieting connections throughout my hand, then extend sensory connections to read some part of my body.

Signatures: For the muscle that handles signatures, I use that network of sensory connections to read the energy of that joint or organ.

View: In addition to the three basic muscles that my students have, I have four advanced ones as well. This is the first, it gives me a visual representation of the energy structures I work with. I use it to understand the energy of that joint or organ that I just read.

As I was first rebuilding my stamina, I would often be tired by this point. So I would rest, do something else for an hour or two, then come back for the other muscles.

Communication: For the muscle that handles ethereal communication, I would reach out to the ethereal software I use for psychic intuitions and ask a few questions. This is the only muscle I never have to make a point of practicing with, because most days there’s some decision that I want a little guidance on.

Mental activation: Another advanced muscle, this one makes sure all my ethereal muscles have enough power. To exercise it, I read how much power each of my ethereal muscles has, and how much each of them needs, and see if there’s any adjustments needed. If there is, I also make those adjustments.

Shielding: This is another advanced muscle for blocking connections from entering my energy body. Each day I review at least one type of connection, and how I’ve closed against it. One day I might do connections to my physical body, another day I might do connections for ethereal software, another day I might check for connections to my ethereal muscles themselves.

Consciousness integration: The fourth advanced ethereal muscle I developed handles a technique for personal growth, integrating younger parts of my psyche with my conscious adult self. Each day, I feel for whatever part of my psyche is engaged at the moment, and help it have a conversation with my adult self.

That’s my daily routine. Each muscle takes a few minutes, for a total of about half an hour of practice. By the end of it, I am mentally exhausted, which is the point. I try to put it either at the end of my work day, or before lunch, so I can recover as I eat.

If you’re creating your own energy workout, you might enjoy this practice routine for my students.

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